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There are real, at times debilitating consequences, that result from a dozen years of learning in an education system like Zimbabwe’s, which places – or rather, misplaces – a significant premium on discipline. The kind of discipline I’m talking about is not the three strokes from a cane that my forty classmates and I got on our behinds as often as every school term. The crimes our teachers found us guilty for ranged from getting 60% on an exam instead of over 90% to, by far the most common and most egregious of them all – “noisemaking”. Honestly, I’ve never quite philosophized or intellectualized the moral repugnance inherent in these reasons for discipline and the seemingly inhumane ways of meting it out.

The discipline, which I believe has incapacitated my generation, not only in Zimbabwe, but across the continent is how the need for permission from an authority was inculcated…

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