A belated response/ take two on why I don’t think ableist jokes are funny

snipets of overanalysis

I am writing this because according to some the message was lost in my original critique of the Banshees “Tourettes: brainstorming out loud” poster because the way in which it was delivered. I raised a red flag with my original status but never stuck around to explain why I found the poster to be so problematic, so that is what I aim to do here, because I think it’s important and deserves a more palatable approach.

I need to be clear about one thing though. The reason I am taking the time to explain my anger is that I am an able-bodied (in that I do not have Tourette’s syndrome) ally to those who have the disorder. That being said, I do not think members of non-dominant groups have ANY sort of obligation to explain to the dominant group why they are pissed off, and I support members of any non-dominant group…

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