The diasporan dilemma: Ndafunga dande!

For many, leaving Zimbabwe to settle elsewhere is both exciting and harrowing. As a Zimbabwean living in England, I have for a while wanted to share my thoughts on some of the more apposite issues that face Zimbabweans in the diaspora. I accept that we may have chosen different paths in different countries and all left under different circumstances. However, it is no coincidence that certain issues always come to the fore when breaking bread with fellow compatriots around the world.

I, like many Zimbabweans I assume, left my home for reasons far beyond my control. My reasons were personal. I left because, at the time, I wanted to be elsewhere, to explore my options more. My view then, and still, is that in Zimbabwe there is a dearth of institutions to support some of our aspirations. Perhaps, like my older siblings and many other Zimbabweans, I would have left…

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